Four of the 12 biosphere reserves in CanadaLac Saint Pierre

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online loans The objectives of the Convention are the conservation of biological diversity, the sustainable use of its components, and the fair and equitable sharing of the benefits arising out of the utilization of genetic resources.In February 2004, the 7th Conference of the Parties adopted a program of work to establish and maintain national and regional systems of protected areas that collectively contribute to achieving the three objectives of the Convention and to reducing significantly the current rate of biodiversity loss. The deadline is 2010 for terrestrial areas and 2012 for marine areas.The UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve ProgramThe UNESCO World Biosphere Reserve Program aims to conserve biodiversity while taking human development into account. Four of the 12 biosphere reserves in CanadaLac Saint Pierre and Mont Saint Hilaire in Quebec, Long Point in Ontario, and Redberry Lake in Saskatchewan are part of the Environment Canada Protected Areas Network.The Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve NetworkThe Western Hemisphere Shorebird Reserve Network links sites in different countries of North, Central, and South America that are essential to large numbers of shorebirds as they complete their yearly migrations of thousands of kilometres. online loans

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cash advance online Ecosystme Recours ensuite aux outils : des indicateurs quantitatifs, des process internes en matire de ressources humaines (RH) et des infrastructures adquates. Au nombre des indicateurs de mesure figurent les taux de recrutement de femmes, le pourcentage de femmes dans un pool de promotion, leur niveau de salaire compar celui de leurs homologues masculins En termes de processus RH, il convient de s’assurer que le fonctionnement ne pnalise pas les femmes (les modes de promotion assis sur un critre de mobilit gographique ou sur la longueur des horaires leur sont, par exemple, dfavorables). Quant aux infrastructures, elles doivent favoriser l’quilibre entre vie professionnelle et familiale cash advance online.

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